Thread Lift: A Non-Surgical Facelift Alternative in Toronto

Our simple thread lift procedure is a non-surgical facelift alternative designed to reduce sagging skin by lifting and tightening your skin. Find out if it is right for you or book an appointment at our Toronto office today.


What Is a Thread Lift?

A thread facelift is a procedure used to lift sagging skin on your face through a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. The procedure is performed by placing dissolvable stitches underneath the skin to lift it and help you look younger. It is a quick outpatient procedure that typically takes about an hour to complete and requires minimal downtime. 


How a Thread Lift Works

Step 1: Lifting the Skin

Your doctor will insert a thread underneath your skin. The threads are lined with tiny hooks, lifting the skin gently to the desired position.


Step 2: Increase Collagen Production

These hooks also promote collagen production as your body heals the tissue surrounding these threads. The effects can last between one to three years.


Step 3: Aftercare

While this procedure is quick and safe, you may need some downtime after the procedure as some swelling and redness can occur. After your procedure, we will schedule a follow-up visit. Call for your consultation today.

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