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What are the Different Types of Facelift Procedures?

Facelifts have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures since they were first performed by Dr. Erich Lexer in 1916. Over the past century, many doctors have followed in his footsteps, pioneering a range of different types of facelift techniques. Today, patients who want to look maintain a younger appearance can choose from a variety of options based on their aesthetic goals, budget, and overall health.

One of the latest techniques includes a non-surgical facelift to combat common signs of aging and tighten skin in a safer, faster, more convenient way. And that means it’s easier than ever to achieve the look you want without undergoing invasive surgery.

In this post, we’ll explore the various facelift procedure types, including the non-surgical thread lift that continues to gain traction.

What Facelift Procedures are Available?

Here’s a rundown of some of the different types of surgical facelift procedures:

· Mini Facelift – The surgeon makes tiny incisions beneath the hairline and tightens the skin to reduce the appearance of jowls — a common sign of aging caused by decreased collagen production.

· Mid-Facelift – This treatment focuses on the face’s midsection, primarily the cheeks, though without adding cheek implants. The surgeon lifts the cheeks to eliminate sagging and leave wrinkles less visible.

· S-Lift – Using an S-shaped incision around the jawline, the surgeon separates the skin’s top layer from the tissues and muscles below. They can use this technique to lift the skin and take out excess fat via a minor incision.

· Cheek Lift – A cheek lift focuses on improving the appearance of the cheekbones and wrinkles in the surrounding area.

· Brow Lift – A surgeon makes a small incision along the hairline and lifts the skin, as well as the muscles underneath, to make the top half of the face appear smoother.

While facelifts have traditionally been associated with invasive surgery, non-surgical options can provide patients with a more youthful appearance without the need to go “under the knife”.

In particular, the thread lift is gradually becoming one of the most popular ways to achieve the transformational results of a facelift without surgery.

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift involves placing temporary sutures in the skin to create a long-lasting visible lift, instead of cutting into the face and physically moving the skin as surgeons do in traditional procedures.

The skin will look more youthful and tighter after a thread lift, and you won’t need to undergo a more complex surgical treatment or recovery. For these reasons, the thread lift technique is becoming increasingly popular.

A number of A-list celebrities have had thread lift procedures with positive results, including Eva Mendez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Simon Cowell. Examples like them are making people realize that simpler options exist and that there’s no need to rely on invasive procedures with long recovery periods.

How Does a Thread Lift Non-Surgical Procedure Work?

An aesthetic specialist performs a thread lift by working dissolvable sutures beneath the skin and pulling the skin tighter. The thread is designed to hold onto the skin and underlying tissue to ensure the sutures create the desired effect.

The threads are placed into the skin using a special tool called a cannula. This blunt instrument allows safe placement of the thread, minimizing the risk of harming blood vessels and nerves in the face. Once the cannula is carefully positioned, is carefully removed, leaving the thread in place. Generally, this is not an uncomfortable process, but you will feel slight movement under the skin.

Placing the threads into the skin triggers the healing response and the body starts producing collagen in the treatment area(s). Collagen plays a critical role in maintaining the skin’s elasticity and volume. The human body produces less collagen as it ages, which is a major contributor to sagging skin.

While sagging skin can be noticeable in many areas of the face, it’s most prominent in the cheeks, jawline and neck.

What Areas Can a Thread Lift Treat?

You may choose a thread lift treatment to improve the appearance of facial areas that begin to sag as a natural part of the aging process. Doctors can use this technique to tighten:

● Cheeks

● Jawline

● Jowls

● Neck area

● Skin around the eyes

● Forehead

● Brow line

During your consultation, the doctor will do a detailed examination of your face, and surrounding skin to suggest a personalized plan to address the target areas of concern. The consultation will also provide an opportunity to ask questions about your thread lift so you understand exactly what the treatment will involve.

How Long Does the Thread Lift Procedure Take?

The duration of a thread lift procedure varies depending on the target areas. For example, targeting the jawline as well as the mid-face will take longer than one region alone.

Typically, it takes between 45 and 60 minutes to complete the procedure, and a more accurate time estimate can be provided during your consultation.

What Can I Expect After a Thread Lift?

The results of your thread lift are often visible immediately, though you can expect to see more noticeable effects in the following 4 to 6 weeks. You should be able to continue with the rest of your day with minimal restrictions following your treatment.

Just as with surgical face-lift, the non-surgical facelift is not a permanent solution to the aging process. Results from the thread lift tend to last between two and four years. It is safe to have another thread lift in the future as the aging process continues.

Are There Any Side Effects of a Thread Lift?

Like any cosmetic treatment, thread lifts have possible side effects including:

● Swelling

● Mild bruising

● Mild discomfort

● Temporary dimpling

● Infection

● Allergic reactions

Dr. Kumar has performed many safe, successful thread lifts that create remarkably visible enhancements.

How Can I Book a Consultation for a Thread Lift Near Me?

A thread lift is a fairly straightforward procedure that tightens the skin and reduces sagging in one or more areas of the face. Dr. Rohit Kumar performs effective thread lifts, as well as Botox injections and a range of other aesthetic treatments, in the Ontario area.

Dr. Kumar will provide you with a personalized assessment and treatment plan based on your unique goals. Contact Dr. Rohit Kumar Medical Aesthetics today to book your appointment for an expert thread lift treatment.

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